This Bitcoin Superstar Review had seen the cryptocurrency space has exploded in recent years. From being perceived as nothing more than a scam when the first digital coins appeared, cryptocurrencies are now a part of every self-respecting investor’s portfolio.

Unfortunately, the public’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies has given rise to many untrustworthy businesses. Many companies online claim that they can ease you into the crypto trading world and bring you impressive profits in no time. But these are precisely the businesses to stay away from. They don’t care about your goals and only exist to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Bull and Bitcoin

Recently we have noticed a lot of talk about Bitcoin Superstar in the trading community. The company claims it can provide access to top-tier trading software to kickstart your trading career. In addition, Bitcoin Superstar also offers many auto trading bots (via its partners) that can take your trading game to the next level.

We were intrigued by these promises and decided to take it upon ourselves to investigate and verify them. In this in-depth Bitcoin Superstar review, we’ll share what we learned about the company and whether it’s legitimate or a scam.

What Does Bitcoin Superstar Do?

Usually, when a company says it will give you access to the financial and cryptocurrency market, you’re dealing with a broker. However, Bitcoin Superstar is not a brokerage company.

Instead, Bitcoin Superstar has positioned itself as a mediator between prospective traders and brokers to bring the two parties together. It has tailored its services to make them useful to both traders and brokers.

Firstly, Bitcoin Superstar offers traders a quick and inexpensive way to find trustworthy brokers. The company has partnerships with some of the most successful brokerages in the industry. It claims that all companies on its list meet the highest regulation standards in their field and have a reputation of being honest and reliable.

Thus, when traders choose Bitcoin Superstar, they don’t have to go through the ordeal of looking for brokers and verifying if each company they see online is legit or not. Bitcoin Superstar has already done all of their research for them.

As for brokerages, they benefit from partnering with Bitcoin Superstar because their services get more exposure this way. Bitcoin Superstar referring customers to them is part of big brokers’ marketing strategy. 

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How Does Bitcoin Superstar Work?

Now that you know what Bitcoin Superstar offers, you’re probably curious about how it all works. Worry not — we tried Bitcoin Superstar for ourselves to bring you the answers you need.

According to the Bitcoin Superstar website, the company has devised a method to match traders with the broker that seems most suitable to their needs. This process is fully automated and takes just a few minutes, unlike other similar companies that need days (and sometimes even weeks) to find your perfect broker.

All Bitcoin Superstar customers need to do is register for the service. In our experience, this process was swift and simple, so even if you are a newcomer, you shouldn’t have any issues with the Bitcoin Superstar interface. 

After registration, the Bitcoin Superstar team confirms your account and assigns you a broker immediately. The app considers your trading goals and your region when deciding what company to pair you with.

Once you have your recommendation, you’re ready to start your Bitcoin trading journey or try other assets, if you prefer. All Bitcoin Superstar partner brokers have rich portfolios that allow traders to experiment with various instruments and develop unique trading strategies. In other words, you don’t need to limit yourself to Bitcoin alone.

We were pleasantly surprised that the registration for Bitcoin Superstar was entirely free. The app doesn’t charge any fees for its services so that anyone can give it a test run without an initial investment.

If you decide to start trading with the broker Bitcoin Superstar recommends, note that you will need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. This money is not a fee but your actual account balance, and you can use it however you decide.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Legit or a Scam?

Considering how many ill-meaning companies lurk in the crypto trading space, it’s no surprise that many people wonder if Bitcoin Superstar is a legitimate company or a scam.

Having thoroughly researched this company and tested its services for ourselves, we can safely put your doubts to rest. We did not find anything suspicious in Bitcoin Superstar’s activities, and all of its services appear safe and legal. User testimonials also showed its user base seems satisfied with the services Bitcoin Superstar provides.

Thus, our Bitcoin Superstar review concludes that the app is completely legitimate.

That being said, we also noticed some other businesses mimicking Bitcoin Superstar. Please remember that Bitcoin Superstar doesn’t charge any fees for its services. If you find a company that claims to be Bitcoin Superstar but demands payment in advance, you’ve stumbled upon a Bitcoin Superstar scam. Do not trust such copycat companies with your money.

The Key Features of Bitcoin Superstar

If you have gotten this far in our Bitcoin Superstar review, we trust that you’re highly interested in trying the app. You already learned that Bitcoin Superstar can help traders by hooking them up with regulated brokers — and that is an immense help in and of itself. Still, we thought you might also be interested in some additional benefits the Bitcoin Superstar app offers.

We identified the following advantages:

  • Award-winning trading software. Bitcoin Superstar’s partners use the MetaTrader 4 or similar trading platform. Both are an excellent choice for traders of all experience levels and offer unprecedented speed and accuracy for optimum results.
  • Trading robots for any trading strategy. Each Bitcoin Superstar broker offers crypto trading bots to lessen the burden by automating the live trading process. There is so much choice that anyone’s bound to find a trading robot that suits their needs.
  • Initial support through trading. All brokers can assign you a free personal account manager to show you the ropes and help you in creating trading strategies. They also have 24/7 live support to answer any additional questions you might have.
  • Demo trading feature. Complete beginners might enjoy trading via a demo account first. Demo trading is the best way to practice without risking any money. We recommend testing your unique trading strategy on a demo account before jumping into a live trading session.
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How to Begin Trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Superstar

The Bitcoin Superstar account registration process is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow if you’d like to try Bitcoin Superstar: 

  1. Register an account on the Bitcoin Superstar website or via the Bitcoin Superstar app. Simply fill in your details in the registration form to complete this step and wait for Bitcoin Superstar to confirm your account.
  2. Get matched with a broker. Bitcoin Superstar will automatically recommend a broker to you once your account is confirmed, so you don’t need to do anything.
  3. Fund your trading account. If you are happy with Bitcoin Superstar’s recommendation and choose to start trading with that broker, you need to make an initial deposit of $250 or more. These funds are yours to trade with or withdraw if you change your mind.

That’s all there is to it! After you deposit funds to your trading account, you can buy or sell Bitcoin. But why stop at BTC? You can also invest in Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, or any other crypto token you like. Brokers also offer other trading instruments so that you can get a taste of the stock market or trade Forex pairs and CFDs, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar FAQ

Though we’ve done our best to provide as much information about Bitcoin Superstar as possible up to this point, we realise you might still have some questions. Thus, we gathered what people tend to ask about Bitcoin Superstar to fill any gaps we unintentionally left.

What Is the Bitcoin Superstar Trading Platform?

Despite common misconceptions, Bitcoin Superstar is not an automated trading platform, a trading system, or anything of the sort. It merely helps traders find trustworthy brokers. As for the trading platforms each broker offers, it will probably be MetaTrader 4 or 5, and each of them is equally reliable trading software.

Is Bitcoin Superstar a Legit Trading App?

When we looked into Bitcoin Superstar, we found out all of the company’s activities are legal. User testimonials also showed positive feedback from past customers. Plus, Bitcoin Superstar doesn’t charge any fees for its services. For this reason, we believe Bitcoin Superstar is legit and not a scam at all.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Beginner-friendly?

If you are new to financial or cryptocurrency trading, we think you’ll be in good hands with Bitcoin Superstar. The website and app both have a minimalist, easy-to-use design that wouldn’t pose any challenge. Moreover, Bitcoin Superstar’s partners offer demo accounts to practice trading and build up your skills and confidence without risking any money.

What Does the Bitcoin Superstar Trading Bot Do?

There is no Bitcoin Superstar trading robot. The company doesn’t develop any automated trading software. Nevertheless, you can obtain a trading bot from the broker Bitcoin Superstar pairs you with for a better trading strategy. Note that an auto trading system or other AI-powered technology is quite complex and would be best at the hands of advanced traders. We recommend staying away from them if you are a novice trader.

How Much Does the Bitcoin Superstar Platform Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything — everything Bitcoin Superstar offers is free. The only transactions you might need to make will be between you and the broker the Bitcoin Superstar app links you to, which doesn’t involve Bitcoin Superstar in any way.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency in the First Place?

When Bitcoin first launched in 2009, public opinion was not in favour of cryptocurrencies. Most people didn’t believe that an unregulated, decentralised asset would have any real value. 

Yet here we are, a bit over a decade later, and crypto coins have reached remarkable milestones. For instance, Bitcoin climbed to almost $70,000 last year. No other asset has gone from practically worthless to $70K in just 12 years. 

In addition, new blockchains with their own tokens also appeared, with developers releasing even newer ones all the time. The crypto space has become rich and diverse, and society is increasingly finding more applications for blockchain technology. 

By all accounts, the cryptocurrency market is moving fast, and decentralised finance looks more and more promising each day. It’s no wonder then that some of the world’s most well-known investors, such as Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and Cathie Wood, have already enriched their portfolios with crypto investments. Still, we didn’t find anything to suggest these celebrities endorsed Bitcoin Superstar in particular.

It is not our place to tell you whether the crypto market is the right investment for you. Ultimately, only you can make this decision. The goal of this Bitcoin Superstar review is to help you do that by providing you with more information on the options you have when it comes to trading.

Risk Disclaimer

Financial trading is not for everyone. It is a high risk activity and may cause you to lose money, especially in arbitrage trading. The financial markets are characterised by high volatility, a double-edged sword. It is equally likely to bring you profit as it is to take it away. We do not recommend trading if you are not stable financially. 

We remind you that the information in this article cannot be considered investment advice. Always do your own research and consult a professional before investing or trading. 

Customers residing in the United Kingdom cannot use Bitcoin Superstar’s services because the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has prohibited crypto CFD trading via PS 20/10. Other regional restrictions may apply, so do your due diligence and check the laws in your country of residence.

We are not affiliated with Bitcoin Superstar in any way. This Bitcoin Superstar app review reflects our honest, independent opinion of the brand, and we did not receive any compensation to publish it.

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