Around the world, countless people have been able to turn their cryptocurrency trading into a full-time income.

The volatility of cryptocurrency can result in some traders turning a profit with under an hour of work a day. Sounds like a dream, right?

It’s actually not that far from reality. One of the best-kept secrets of the cryptocurrency trading sphere is that using the right trading platform can be the key to revolutionizing your investing journey.

In recent months, one particular app has been drawing much attention amongst enthusiasts of trading platforms. Its name is BitiQ. But as cryptocurrencies surge in value, so do scam platforms posing as the opposite. Thus, many are seeking an unbiased BitiQ app review.

So today, before you begin trading, we’re going to provide you with an in-depth but easy-to-follow BitiQ review to see if it does have the potential to boost your trading journey, or is it all just a scam. 

By the end of this BitiQ review, you’ll learn how BitiQ works, what it offers to crypto traders, and if it’s legit or not. Now, let’s begin!

What is BitiQ, and how does its trading strategy work?

What an app trading screen looks like

The mission of BitiQ is to make the potential benefits of crypto trading available to everyone. Regardless of their trading skills or crypto knowledge. To achieve this, they rely on cutting-edge trading software specializing in creating trading strategies.

Compared to significant cryptocurrency exchanges, which can present a significant learning curve for new investors, the BitiQ trading app is a live trading tool designed with beginners in mind and even offers demo trading features.

The BitiQ website defines itself as a method to begin trading Bitcoin and crypto trading with other digital coins without prior investing experience. Essentially, it bridges the trading process gap between new investors and creative digital assets like BTC.

To achieve this, the BitiQ trading robot relies on a low minimum deposit combined with high-end and reliable trading software that automatically executes trades based on a pre-defined user preference. 

By doing so, they provide a traditional trading platform that takes advantage of market trends and gives users access to better trading strategies and the chance to avoid the stress associated with manual trading. 

With just a few minutes a day, users can set their trading goals and price trend analysis preferences and then go about their day. In addition, users can utilize the demo trading feature to get used to the platform before moving on to live trading. Thus minimizing the trading risks for a beginner.

With the BitiQ trading tools, beginner and advanced traders can develop their custom trading methods based on their available funds and financial goals.

Can crypto trading bots be used on mobile?

Want to keep up to date with your crypto trading journey when you’re on the move and away from your desktop? You’re in luck!

The BitiQ developers fully understand that more people, on average, use their smartphones more than their computers. So the BitiQ platform is available to use on both desktop and mobile browsers flawlessly. 

We tested BitiQ on both iOS and Android OS in a live trading session to see how it can keep up with the financial markets when on the move. It worked flawlessly on each.

How much does BitiQ cost to use?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a platform that can offer a new investor so many potential benefits would be rather expensive. But thankfully, you’d be wrong!

As BitiQ is still in the early stages of its journey, it’s currently free for traders to get on board and make use of for a limited time only. 

Thankfully, there are no hidden fees on the BitiQ website. The only thing you need to do to start is to make an initial minimum deposit of $250 to start trading crypto. 

This money is yours to do what you like, whether it’s trading crypto, investing in promising altcoins, or converting it back into fiat currency when you make a profit.

Once you’ve made your deposit, you need to set your trading parameters on the BitiQ crypto robot, and the platform will start working for you. To get to grips with it, you can also utilize a demo account before you start trading with your own money on the cryptocurrency market.

How straightforward is the signup for a BitiQ account?

BTC, ETH, LTC, RPL - Buy or Sell

With such a heavy focus on beginners, the signup process for a BitiQ account is refreshingly straightforward compared to some major crypto exchanges. It can be summed up in three steps:

  • Firstly, you need to register an account with the BitiQ trading platform. This is exceptionally easy and often doesn’t take long.
  • As soon as you’re approved for a trading account, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will walk you through your trading journey.
  • Finally, the BitiQ robot requires users to make an initial deposit of $250 with your preferred payment method to start your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Then, you can design your unique trading strategy according to your preferences or let your account manager create one for you.

Overall, the signup process for BitiQ is simple, straightforward, and, most importantly, fast. Meaning new investors don’t have to face long delays and miss potential price dips in the crypto market.

Has Gordon Ramsay invested in Bitcoin?

There are rumors that notable celebrities like Gordon Ramsay have invested in Bitcoin in various online financial markets. This is often connected to cryptocurrency scams created by several trading platforms on the cryptocurrency market. An automated trading software platform alludes to well-known names using their services to present themselves as legitimate to make higher profits.

The truth is, Gordon Ramsay has never publicly spoken about investing in Bitcoin. While it’s possible that he could have joined the many celebrities who have invested, it has never been confirmed.

Thankfully, BitiQ is not one of the platforms to claim that names like Ramsay use their platform. They take a straightforward and honest approach to potential clients.

How much profit can you make on the BitiQ trading system?

How much profit can you make using BitIQ

We don’t make false promises. So we’re not promising that you can make high profits on BitiQ. The platform uses some of the best trading tools available on the market right now, but the crypto market is inherently volatile. And the trading experience can vary from person to person.

Therefore, it’s impossible to predict how high or low a particular cryptocurrency or altcoin can go. However, this volatility is far from a bad thing.

Many investors utilize crypto trading bots like BitiQ to create a successful trading process. Then, they take full advantage of crypto’s volatility and secure higher profits by buying in at daily price dips and pulling in profits from daily price rises.

Thanks to the automated trading tools that BitiQ offers, this platform could revolutionize your live trading journey. How much profit you make is ultimately up to you. Next, we’ll look at an essential question of this BitiQ review before you begin trading with it.

Is BitiQ legit or a scam trading robot?

Man trading using his mobile phone and laptop

And now, it’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for in this BitiQ review. Is the BitiQ platform legit or a scam? In other words, is it a legitimate way for new and experienced investors to revolutionize their trading journey, or is it just another unwelcome addition to the trading world?

The value of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has skyrocketed in recent years, resulting in enormous profits for those who invested correctly.

But where there is money to be made, there are also scams. But are trading platforms like BitiQ legit? Based on our diligent research into the BitiQ platform, we can happily conclude that it is indeed a legitimate platform.

We approached the BitiQ platform from an unbiased trader’s view. From the range of Bitcoin trading strategies and tools offered by the trading app to cutting-edge technologies like trading parameters and arbitrage trading strategies, we were impressed by the end of this BitiQ review.

This Bitcoin trading platform’s range of tools and technology is complemented by its efficient and polite customer service team.

This was proven through their immediate response after signing up. So indeed, we can very much say that the BitiQ trading app is legit and perfect for a live trading session.

Another notable feature is the range of cryptocurrencies on offer. Users can do more than just trade Bitcoin. The BitiQ app has an abundance of other digital coins available, from Ethereum to Bitcoin Cash.

And when you make your potential profits? BitiQ app offers a streamlined withdrawal process free of hidden fees. Thanks to high-speed online bank transfers, the process from your withdrawal request to receiving money in your bank are very efficient.

Overall, BitiQ has a noble mission to introduce new cryptocurrency traders to the world of investing, show them the ropes, and provide trading strategies to result in a positive trading experience hopefully.

As well as the quick signup process to the low minimum deposit required to start trading crypto, BitiQ BitiQ processes withdrawals to your bank account quickly. It can provide a streamlined way to get involved in the fast-paced and potentially highly profitable world of crypto trading.

Crypto market risk warning:

While trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has resulted in phenomenal gains for many people, it is an inherently volatile investment sphere. While platforms like the BitiQ crypto robot can potentially revolutionize your crypto trading process, it is not guaranteed to make you a profit.

This BitiQ review is not financial advice; it merely provides insight into new and upcoming trading tools available to investors. Always seek professional investment advisors before investing through crypto trading, do your own research on a trading strategy, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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