The aim of every investor is to earn income. For Bitcoins, the sale of Bitcoins can either be done online or in person. Online sale is the most common and most used method to sell Bitcoins.

Bitcoins can either be sold online or in person. People prefer to sell them online for a lot of reasons. It’s more secure, doesn’t take as much time, and the chances of you getting ripped off or robbed are practically zero. Unless you use LocalBitcoins.

There are three ways through which you can sell Bitcoins online:

  1. Trading with another person through an intermediary.
  2. Selling them on an exchange platform.
  3. Buy or sell goods for bitcoins.

Best exchange Platforms to sell Bitcoins:


Bitfinex is very reputable and is widely known as many people sell their Bitcoins through this platform. The same is through distribution are payment is based on a variable ratio. Bitfinex withdrawal has three different pairs which include:

Bitfinex is a highly reputable and well-known exchange platform that has been functioning for quite some time now. A lot of people use it to sell off bitcoins or acquire other cryptocurrencies using them. There are three different withdrawal options available through Bitfinex.




Sale via Kraken

Kraken is a trusted exchange platform based out of San Francisco. Known for its support of Bitcoin cash. Selling off your bitcoins is quite simple on the Kraken platform. All you need is a basic user account, it is not required to go through strenuous verification and security processes. Kraken pairs include.





Btcbox is based in Tokyo and allows Bitcoin cash and Japanese Yen trading. Making it quite easy for those who want to trade in these specific currencies. BTCBOX supports only one trading pair, BCC/JPY.


HitBTC is a globally available platform supporting multi-cryptocurrency trades as well as BCC. A simple verification process is recommended before using the platform. However, if your trades aren’t too large and primarily focused on supported cryptocurrencies, then the verification process is not compulsory. Though, there will be a cap set on your trades if you do not verify yourself.

HitBTC supports the following trading pairs:





ViaBTC is very common and popular in China. The exchange ratio is 1:1 for people who were held on to BCC post-fork. To sell on ViaBTC, you must authenticate yourself, verify your ID, and then you can register.

ViaBTC supports the following trading pairs:




Bittrex is an ultra-popular USA-based trading platform, operating at a 1:1 rate for bitcoin holders post-fork. In order to trade on Bittrex, an account is required. ID verification is required, however, the process does not take long at all. Bittrex supports a ton of cryptocurrency trading pairs. Here are the ones you are most likely interested in:




When to sell Bitcoins?

The most sensible time to sell bitcoins would probably be when you think that you are getting the best ROI. However, to be quite honest, there is no “best” time to sell bitcoins, as the market is extraordinarily volatile. The bitcoin recently jumped from around $5,800 to $7,500, and then went back down to $7,000. Who could have predicted this down to the smallest details? Nobody, not even the most experienced technical analysts.

My advice to you on when to sell bitcoins would be, go with your heart.

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