Before you read any further, you should know about the cryptocurrency market. You most likely have heard how this game-changer is taking the world to a whole new level. As far as we know, crypto trading is one of the biggest changes in the history of finance. What you have witnessed over the last few years might be small compared to how massive the coming years will be.

Fortunately, you can take a stroll away from regular options and join the party. Platforms like Immediate Bitcoin offer you that opportunity. However, various websites do the same, so how can you tell which one is trying to rip you off your hard-earned money and which one is legit? The good news is this Immediate Bitcoin review can help you. 

The Immediate Bitcoin review will take you through the benefits the platform claims it offers users. In addition, you will learn how Immediate Bitcoin works, what the registration process is, and why we think it’s not a scam.

The Immediate Bitcoin App: How It Works

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Immediate Bitcoin is an online platform that connects you to reputable crypto brokers. However, you should note that Immediate Bitcoin is not a trading platform. While you can open a trading account with Immediate Bitcoin, only its partner brokers offer the automated crypto trading platform. Immediate Bitcoin claims that users can enjoy a seamless trading experience with the trading software provided by its partners. With Immediate Bitcoin, beginners can learn about trading parameters, trading strategies, and get accurate market data.

Immediate Bitcoin claims that the trading software offered by its partners is AI-powered. As such, the Immediate Bitcoin trading robot can effectively identify market trends and price movements to guide its users. Interestingly, there are also claims that the robot can send you signals to execute trades at a particular time. However, we haven’t confirmed that claim; information on the website suggests that it is possible.

Key Features of Immediate Bitcoin

  • Fast account registration process
  • Free personal account manager
  • Affordable fees to start trading
  • Verified brokers in every region
  • Demo account feature
  • Access to a manual trading feature and an automatic trading medium
  • Access to the Bitcoin market

Is Immediate Bitcoin Scam or Legit?

There have been numerous instances where some websites claim to be Immediate Bitcoin. These claims have led to questions about whether Immediate Bitcoin is legit or a scam. Immediate Bitcoin makes audacious claims to be the best at providing an automated crypto trading platform.

However, there have been cases where prospective users were scared of unregulated brokers. To address this, Immediate Bitcoin claims its partner brokers are reputable and reliable. Moreover, we would not suggest that you completely trust the brokers’ Immediate Bitcoin trading robot even though they look legit. The trading system does not guarantee success, although the Immediate Bitcoin team claims a 98% success rate. 

We don’t believe that trading cryptocurrencies can make you rich overnight. While the crypto market has excellent potential, you can also lose money. Interestingly, Immediate Bitcoin also clarifies this on the website. For this reason, we think Immediate Bitcoin is a legit platform.

How to Trade With Immediate Bitcoin

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It only takes a few steps to trade with Immediate Bitcoin. Immediate Bitcoin also claims that the trading system offered by its partners is not as complex as you might think. Both experienced traders and beginners can follow the steps below to start trading.

Open a Immediate Bitcoin Trading Account

The account registration process in Immediate Bitcoin is pretty straightforward. You can open a new Immediate Bitcoin trading account with your contact details. Once registration is confirmed, a broker will contact you to verify. Immediate Bitcoin expects users to be available for verification so you won’t miss out on the incredible features offered by the brokers.

Fund Your Trading Account

Different trading platforms usually require thousands of dollars for their customers to trade. However, the case is different with Immediate Bitcoin. You only need a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading. You can deposit funds through your bank account card or use a wire transfer. With your initial deposit, you can access the trading platform offered by Immediate Bitcoin brokers.

Start a Live Trading Session

After funding, you can get into the entire trading process. Immediate Bitcoin partner brokers offer trading software for users to navigate the trading world. You can start trading Bitcoin, trading Forex, and other digital assets instantly. Whether you are a beginner or have years of trading experience, Immediate Bitcoin claims the platform works for all.

Why Trading Cryptocurrencies Can Help You Create a Better Future

If you have followed the trend for the past ten years, you wouldn’t deny that cryptocurrencies form a vital part of the future. Take a look at Bitcoin and Ethereum. In November 2020, Bitcoin was around $18,000. Fast-forward to February 2021, the price of one Bitcoin was at $46,000. Think about it. How many investments can earn you this much in a very short time? Your answer is most likely none.

If you doubt this, do your own research. Check out the growth of coins like Ethereum and Binance Coin (BNB). The crazy thing is you might be blown away if you check the explosive growth of altcoins like Solana, Fantom, Polygon, and Avalanche. You are probably wondering how Immediate Bitcoin fits into all of these.

Your answer is here. Imagine having access to trade all of these with the automated trading software provided by Immediate Bitcoin brokers. Unlike regular traders, Immediate Bitcoin claims that users of the platform get more trading experience by using it.

That said, you most likely have many questions to ask about Immediate Bitcoin. No need to worry. We have done the work for you. Check our answers to some of the questions people ask about the platform.

Immediate Bitcoin FAQs

Is Immediate Bitcoin a Scam?

So many scam platforms exist. So, is Immediate Bitcoin a scam or legit? We think Immediate Bitcoin is legit. An overview of the website shows that Immediate Bitcoin gives vital information to its users. As soon as you land on the home page, every step you need to get a trading account is available to you. Interestingly, Immediate Bitcoin states its disclaimer and risks associated with trading, which most platforms are not open about.

Note that this is only the opinion of this Immediate Bitcoin review. We are not affiliated with the Immediate Bitcoin team. Remember this high-risk investment warning and do your research before subscribing to the trading platform offered by the associated brokers.

Is Immediate Bitcoin Free?

Anyone can sign-up for Immediate Bitcoin for free. There are no costs associated with the registration process. However, you would need a minimum deposit of $250 to access a reliable broker and a trading account.

Is Immediate Bitcoin AI-Powered?

Immediate Bitcoin claims that the technology behind the trading software its partner offers is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform also claims it is the same for the trading bots that can help you identify market trends and create a good trading strategy. Nonetheless, do your research before you start investing money.

Are the Trading Robots Safe to Use?

Immediate Bitcoin claims that the trading robots provided by their partner brokers are very safe to use. Although the trading bots can help in your trading journey, they do not guarantee profitability. So, if you are an experienced trader, you can put on your trading armour by using the Immediate Bitcoin trading robot the brokers offer. However, we recommend visiting the Immediate Bitcoin website yourself to confirm these claims.

Can I Begin Trading Immediately?

Of course! You can get right into trading with Immediate Bitcoin. From the information on the website, users have the freedom to begin trading as soon as they meet all the funding requirements. However, we suggest that newbies start with demo trading before trying out a live trading session.

How Much Can I Make with Immediate Bitcoin?

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According to the information on the website, there is no limit to how much you can make with Immediate Bitcoin. While you can be incredibly profitable depending on your expertise, you can also lose your invested capital. Remember that crypto trading is risky. Your trading capital might not see the light of another day if you jump straight into trading. Carry out due diligence.

How Is Immediate Bitcoin Different from Other Trading Platforms?

There are only a few platforms that are as open as Immediate Bitcoin. Moreover, the Immediate Bitcoin team assures you that its partner brokers are very reliable. The same cannot be said of the trading platforms offered by other websites. Also, the fact that beginners can access the Immediate Bitcoin platform without worrying about complex trading parameters is a plus.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Bitcoin?

The truth is that many celebrities have endorsed cryptocurrencies lately. Jamie Foxx, Mike Tyson, Tom Brady, and Bill Gates have been reported to own a big chunk of Bitcoin. However, no notable celebrities have openly endorsed Immediate Bitcoin even though the present users claim that Immediate Bitcoin is exceptionally efficient.

Now that you know enough about Immediate Bitcoin, let’s summarise. In the last section, you will read about our exclusive thoughts about the Immediate Bitcoin platform.

Final Thoughts on our Immediate Bitcoin Review

Many people have different opinions about the use of auto-trading software. While reliability and trust are major concerns for users, some platforms are not as open as they should be. Moreover, this Immediate Bitcoin review shows that you can use the app to trade Bitcoin and some digital assets.

Regardless of doubts from a particular group of people, our review shows that Immediate Bitcoin is legit. Moreover, you should know that accuracy in the crypto market is mostly relative. Even if Immediate Bitcoin claims 98% accuracy, you should know that there are chances of losing money. However, that does not take away the fact that Immediate Bitcoin is not a scam.


This Immediate Bitcoin review is only an opinion from a trader’s angle. None of it should be considered investment advice. We are only interested in providing information for readers, and we do not receive advertising fees from Immediate Bitcoin or any other platform. Remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and trading bots do not guarantee a successful trading journey. You should consider various options, risk appetite, and experience before you start investing money. 

Investor Notice:  CFD Crypt trading is currently banned in the UK in accordance with the PS 20/10 regulation. Familiarise yourself with the crypto laws in your country before trading. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

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