Bitcoin mining continues to be resisted in many countries because of the high power consumption. The latest opposition is now coming from Plattsburgh. Plattsburgh politicians are now very concerned about the mining activities being carried out around the town. The tons oldest paper mill has already been replaced by a mining operation making its residents very concerned about the environment and also about energy consumption. This has forced residents to move to court to stop the activities.

According to the town’s mayor: “We shall impose a moratorium and issue approvals and also permits for any commercial cryptocurrency mining operations in this city. The moratorium imposed by the local law shall be effective within 18 months from the date of the local law.”

“Any corporation, firm or even individual that will continue with the mining activity without following the law shall be subject to penalties prescribed by the law and a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 for every day during which such violation continues.”

Mayor Colin Read had explained in February how mining operations of cryptocurrencies were flocking his town consuming about 10% of the total power. The mayor said that he was considering the miners to be a public nuisance. He added that he would be on with operations that consume similar power but having more employees than just machines. He even gave an example of a company called Mold-Rite Plastics which consumes a lot of power but has more than 200 employees.

Read explained his issues by stating that: “These mining companies only hire a security guard and a person who comes to check when something is wrong.”

The moratorium request will, however, require public participation before the town’s politicians move forward. This will however not be an easy task since the miners will also defend themselves in order to stay in business. If the environmentalists and the bureaucrats get a green light against the miners, then it might be the end of business for most of them who have already set up structures to operate.

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