So, can Helium’s native HNT token float past $100 per token between now and 2025? Expert opinion and technical analysis agree that this is potentially very possible in this Helium price prediction.

Just look at its price history: In 2021, CRV started the year at $1.29 and surged to over $52 by December. While crypto chatter often centers around mainstream assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, HNT coin’s performance surged past both of them this year.

“The blockchain is going to change everything more than the Internet has.”

– Brock Pierce

News about Helium

Although there are thousands of cryptocurrencies addressing a wide range of use cases, relatively few are tapping into the new sector of the Internet of Things. Crypto fans may have heard of Iota (MIOTA), one of the most popular blockchain platforms connecting IoT devices. Still, Helium emerges as a blockchain-based project with the same use case and a different approach.

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), there aren’t many crypto projects providing a wide range of use cases. Iota (MIOTA) is one of them, but the increasingly popular blockchain project of Helium is another one. However, it has a very different approach.

Helium uses nodes as Hotspots to connect a range of wireless devices to the Internet of Things. Its native token is an on-platform payment method used when Hotspots transfer connection data across the network. As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly more critical in the decentralized sphere, the value of Helium (HNT) can potentially surge in value.

This positive-looking future has left swathes of prospective investors curious about getting involved in Helium as it becomes an increasingly relevant crypto project. So we decided to use a range of factors to research the future price of Helium, such as:

  • The future potential of the Quant platform
  • How latest legislation can affect its price journey
  • Prediction strategies and expert analysis
  • New investors and innovative partnerships

By analyzing all of these factors, it’s not difficult to create a Helium forecast that predicts that HNT Coin has a potentially promising future ahead. For example, statistics from the leading trading platform of eToro tell us that sales have skyrocketed in the past few months. This shows us that the demand for Helium’s native coin is very high.

But what does the future hold for cryptocurrency market investors who get on board now? Will the price rise even further? Our Helium (HNT) price prediction aims to answer all. But to start this Helium forecast, let’s start with just what the HNT token is and how it works on the Helium Network.

What is Helium (HNT)?

What is Helium (HNT)?

Helium was first founded in 2013 by Amir Haleem, Sean Carey, and Shawn Fanning. Between 2015 and 2019, the project successfully raised $53 million in four funding rounds before going live in 2019.

Helium aimed to pioneer the first global peer-to-peer wireless network that could flawlessly connect different devices worldwide to the Internet of Things. In addition, it planned to fix common problems in the IoT sphere, such as lack of privacy. 

The privacy issue is primarily associated with IoT hubs like Google. Helium overcomes this issue by utilizing its decentralized blockchain nature combined with its chosen consensus mechanism when wireless device holders use the platform to connect to IoT. As a result, Helium has been called “The People’s Network.”

To enable communication between devices, Helium sends data across the platform using network nodes known as Hotspots. These are run by HNT token holders, rewarded with more HNT for their participation in the Helium network’s functionality.

Helium uses a cutting-edge consensus mechanism called Proof of Coverage. This is used to distribute HNT token rewards to node operators. Proof of Coverage mechanism also validates Hotspot locations. The latter of which requires an official Helium mining device to set up. 

Pros and cons of Helium

Like many other cryptocurrency platforms, the Helium platform naturally has its fair share of excellent pros and limiting cons. So in this section of our Helium forecast, we’re going to cover some of the essential pros and cons.

✔️ Helium mining can be very profitable due to the level of HNT rewards issued by the platform.❌ The huge HNT rewards are not sustainable over the long term.
✔️ There’s still a huge potential for the growth of Helium in Europe and Asia.
✔️ It holds a unique and niche position in the world of blockchain technology dedicated to IoT.

Helium FAQ

Do you still have questions about Helium (HNT)? Let’s cover some frequently asked questions about it to give you a better understanding of the original digital asset and its price potential.

What makes Helium (HNT) unique?

Alongside IOTA, Helium is one of the few blockchain projects on the scene that is dedicated to the Internet of Things. It uses the Proof of Coverage mechanism, which is unique to the Helium Network, and this allows the network nodes to reach a consensus even when the connection rates vary.

How does HNT gain value?

Like most cryptocurrencies, the value of the HNT coin is primarily driven by speculation in its current state. As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly relevant, relevant blockchain networks like Helium will become ever more invaluable. As it is one of the few projects dedicated to IoT and with a positive market cap, the Helium project will likely see a surge in growth and value in sync with IoT soon.

Can the Helium price equal $100 per token?

Helium holds a strong position as one of the few blockchain projects dedicated to IoT. It also has a very strong market cap. If it secures an increase in mainstream acceptance and partnerships and endorsements from leading digital brands, HNT could potentially skyrocket to $100. But that may not be its maximum price, some experts believe $100 could be a minimum price.

HNT Price History

Price history of Helium in 2021

To understand Helium’s price potential, one only needs to look at its performance as a profitable investment in 2021 alone. It started the year at $1.29 per token and began to see price movement in February. By May, it has surged to over $19.50 per token.

Naturally, this caused a sell-off and a Helium price drop as investors sought to cash out their profits. But for those who held on, the rewards were soon to be fruitful! August saw the price jump again to $26 per token before a slight drop that preceded HNT’s all-time high.

By mid-November, trading volume had increased and the price of Helium cryptocurrency had skyrocketed to $52.71. Of course, this resulted in astronomical returns on investment for those who got involved early enough. The subsequent sell-off saw a price drop, and the Helium price today currently sits at around $26. 

Expert analysis of the HNT price potential

Expert analysis of the HNT price potential

One of the best tools we can use to try and determine the possible future Helium price is to analyze the opinions of various crypto experts. Let’s delve into estimated growth outlooks for multiple industry experts and analysts.

Crypto With James

The rapidly growing cryptocurrency Youtuber Crypto With James recently predicted that HNT has the potential to explode in price. Over the long term, he believes that the Helium price can reach $200 per token.

Crypto Scope 

The popular Youtube channel Crypto Scope recently released a new Helium price prediction. Based on the project achieving its future goals and judging its price history, they predicted that the Helium price could reach $200 over the next few years. A very bullish Helium price prediction indeed!

Overall, these Helium price predictions show us that the expert analysis on the future price forecast of Helium cryptocurrency is overwhelmingly bullish, with some potentially lucrative returns in store for investors from its current price.

Technical analysis of the HNT price potential

Technical analysis of the HNT price potential

Now we move on to the technical section of this Helium forecast to try and predict the future HNT price. This section will utilize powerful tools like the Japanese candlestick, chart patterns, and trading indicators. As well as giving traders the upper hand in day trading, they can enable us to discover long-term price predictions based on pure technicals when we assess more extended time frames.

Helium price prediction 2022 – 2023

It’s predicted that by the end of the year 2022, the price of Helium’s native HNT token could reach a potential worth of between $38.79 and $45.46.

Helium coin price prediction 2023 – 2024

After possibly starting the year at over $0.00020147, it’s predicted that by the end of 2023, the price of Helium’s native HNT coin could reach a potential worth of between $58.06 and $68.55.

Helium coin price prediction 2024 – 2025

It’s predicted that by the end of 2024 and the start of 2025, the price of the HNT coin could reach its highest levels yet. The technical analysis indicates it to get a potential worth of between $81.55 and $100.18.

Conclusion to these Helium price predictions

In summary to this Helium price prediction, Helium holds a unique spot amongst cryptocurrency projects due to its position in the fast-moving Internet of Things niche. It utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate connection for devices on the IoT while rewarding network participants with HNT tokens in exchange for supporting and securing the network.

Helium (HNT) price history, technical insight, and expert opinions all combine to predict a potentially fruitful future for Helium and HNT coins. As the need to connect devices through the Internet of Things becomes ever more crucial, the value of what Helium offers could become invaluable and make it a potentially profitable investment.

While many people can see the significant potential in Helium and its native HNT coin, a considerable number of people are wondering where to invest in cryptocurrency projects like his for the long term. For beginners, the answer lies in a reputable and well-established trading exchange with access to vital trading tools like eToro.

Where to buy Helium?

Helium’s HNT coin is available to buy and trade on major exchanges. But such businesses often require in-depth knowledge to buy, sell, and trade, as well as keep your investments safe from hackers.

For beginners looking to invest in crypto projects like Helium, a broker like eToro is your best bet. This is a well-established, highly regulated, and secure platform that has the potential to revolutionize your crypto trading. 

What’s more, is that eToro allows you to access their incredible array of trading tools such as the Stop Loss, Take Profit, and built-in charting software that all let you maximize your potential profits while ensuring safe trading practices that protect your hard-earned funds. Also, eToro offers Leverage Trading on HNT. This allows you to multiply small amounts to become large, powerful positions that drive massive profits.

Overall, each person’s financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment strategy vary. Like many cryptocurrencies, the price of HNT is inherently volatile, and the cost of Helium’s native cryptocurrency token can rise or drop at a moment’s notice; this brings advantages as it does risks. Both are important to understand and weigh against your own investment goals and needs. Only invest money you can afford to lose and balance out the risky nature of crypto investment by building a diversified portfolio.

Further reading

Disclaimer – This Helium (HNT) price prediction is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or investment advice. The trading of HNT coins and other digital coins on the cryptocurrency market has potential rewards and potential risks involved. Despite the positive outlook, the predicted price analysis of HNT on the crypto market and is not guaranteed to be a good investment as a bearish trend is just as likely as a bullish trend when it comes to the price of Helium. Anyone wishing to invest should do their own research and seek their own independent financial or professional advice.

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