The opinion of respected crypto experts and technical-based analysis combined predict that Avalanche has the potential to reach anywhere between $25 to over $125 between now and the year 2025. To avoid missing out on potential upcoming price surges in the cryptocurrency market, check out our easy-to-follow article on how to buy AVAX.

“In cryptocurrency investment, long-term thinkers are less stressed.”

― Olawale Daniel

Avalanche crypto news

When investing in crypto, it’s vital to diversity your portfolio and not put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak. If you’re investing in Bitcoin, it’s a good idea to invest in others too. The second most powerful cryptocurrency of Ethereum could be a good choice. But what about an up-and-coming digital asset of Avalanche that has been referred to as one of the coming Ethereum competitors?

In 2021 alone, the price of Avalanche surged from around $1 to almost $60 per coin, making many early investors a serious return on their initial investments. This has led to increased demand for an accurate Avalanche price prediction.

Naturally, this has thrown this innovative digital asset into the spotlight. But the price surge left many wondering if they had missed the boat on Avalanche and whether investing now was a good idea. I was one of those people until I began to use a range of factors to research the future price such as the following:

  • Price history
  • The latest legislation 
  • Prediction strategies 
  • Expert analysis

By analyzing all of these factors, I was able to find out that there’s never a bad time to invest in Avalanche, and I’m not alone. For example, statistics from the leading trading platform of eToro tell us that sales have skyrocketed in the past few months. 

But what does the future hold for investors who get on board early enough? Will it rise once again? Our Avalanche price prediction aims to answer all. But first, let’s start with just what it is and how it works. 

What is Avalanche?

What is Avalanche?

Formed in 2020 by Ava Labs, Avalanche is one of the youngest cryptocurrencies to hit the market. At a base level, it’s just like Ethereum in the sense that it’s a platform that is used for creating custom blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps). Avalanche made history by raising over $42 million in just under 5 hours during its initial coin offering.

Where it claims to differ from Ethereum is through its scalability. Avalanche claims to achieve greater scalability than Ethereum via a high transaction throughput of 4,500 transactions per second (TPS). As a result, it’s one of the many decentralized projects aiming for Ethereum’s position as the most widely utilized smart contract platform on the blockchain.

“Anything that can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money.”

Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

Like many crypto projects, Avalanche has its own native crypto coin known as AVAX. Capped supply of 720 million, it is used as part of the Avalanche consensus mechanism as well as for paying network transaction fees.

To further compete with Ethereum, Avalanche has managed to persuade many Ethereum-based Defi projects to integrate with its platform. Additionally, Avalanche is in the process of creating a digital bridge to the Ethereum network that will allow users to transfer assets between the two platforms.

Avalanche pros and cons

Like any cryptocurrency, Avalanche has its fair share of incredible pros and limiting cons. We always aim for transparency in our articles. So in this section, we’re going to cover some of the most important pros and cons of Avalanche.

Pros of AvalancheCons of Avalanche
✔️ The ability to build fast, low-cost dApps and launch customized blockchains, private & public. ❌Still a young blockchain network and cryptocurrency that needs to establish itself better.
✔️ Able to build your own virtual machine and decide how the blockchain should operate.
✔️ Allows you to scale to millions of validators with very minimal hardware.

Avalanche FAQ

Do you still have questions about Avalanche? Rest assured, before we get into the price prediction, next we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about Avalanche to give you a better understanding of the digital asset and its price potential.

What’s the difference between Avalanche and Ethereum?

Avalanche and Ethereum share many similarities. But one of the advantages the former has over the latter is better scalability. Many projects previously on the Ethereum network have since switched to Avalanche to take advantage of this.

Who uses Avalanche?

Avalanche is used by people who want to take advantage of the decentralized benefits of the Ethereum blockchain but with the added benefit of better scalability. With its digital bridge under construction, Avalanche aims to make transitioning to its network easier than ever in the months to come.

How does Avalanche gain value?

Like most cryptocurrencies, the value of Avalanche cryptocurrency is largely driven by speculation in its current state. As more people discover the wide range of its uses, its trading volume on a daily basis grows. Due to its numerous advantages, future support for Avalanche cryptocurrency is only expected to grow as cryptocurrencies become a more widely accepted alternative to fiat currencies. When it does, the market value will likely grow in sync with reliance thereon. It currently has a market cap of $2.3 billion.

Can Avalanche reach $100?

Due to its attractive features and scalability advantages over Ethereum, Avalanche has secured many loyal users in its short history. If it continues to do so, the price prediction avalanche shows it would not be impossible for it to reach $100 one day, but this would be a long-term thing. 

Where do people buy, sell, and trade Avalanche?

You can buy, sell, and trade Avalanche from various crypto broker platforms. If you are a new investor, then we suggest using eToro. It’s safe, regulated, and beginner-friendly. The eToro interface is very simple to use, and it has an array of trading tools to allow you to trade safely.

Avalanche Price History

Avalanche Price History

As a relatively young digital asset, the price history of Avalanche is short but nonetheless sweet. 2021 saw the asset reach one of its all-time highs when, after stagnating around $1 for a few months, it surged to almost $60 making many early investors significantly wealthy depending on their initial investment. 

However, after this peak of almost $60 per token in February of this year, it subsequently saw a sell-off with the Bitcoin crash two months later in May and the avalanche price today is currently sitting at $17.70. Currently the 47th largest cryptocurrency in the world, Avalanche has a $2.3 billion market cap.

Expert analysis of the Avalanche price potential

Expert analysis of the Avalanche price potential

One of the best forecast system tools we can use to try and determine the potential future price of Avalanche is to analyze the avalanche price predictions of various crypto experts. Let’s delve into four estimated future growth data and potential long-term increase over the next five years from various industry experts and analysts.

Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts is pretty bullish on their Avalanche price predictions. Based on Avalanche continuing to build partnerships with influential organizations and persisting with being a unique model that retains a solid support base, they believe the Avalanche forecast has the potential to reach an AVAX price of between $32 and $47 per token by the year 2025.


WalletInvestor uses an algorithm-based forecast in an attempt to predict the future price of cryptocurrencies. When it comes to avalanche price predictions, they are also bullish and even more so than the previous forecast. WalletInvestor predicts that the price of Avalanche could reach somewhere around $35 per token by the end of 2021 with an AVAX price of $128 by the end of 2025.


DigitalCoinPrice is fairly bullish on its Avalanche outlook and expects the price to gradually increase over the long term. DigitalCoinPrice predicts Avalanche to reach $18 by the end of 2021, $25 by the end of 2023, and finally reach an AVAX price of $36 by 2025.


Rather bearish expert analysis on Avalanche is LongForecast. They predict the AVAX price in 2021 to potentially drop to $11.19 by the end of the year. But in the following three years, they expect the price to surge to $17.45 by the end of 2023 and eventually settle at an AVAX price of $26.02 per coin by the year 2025.

So from an AVAX price of over $30 in the short term to an AVAX price of up to $100 in the long term, the overall expert analysis on the forecasted Avalanche price rise is overwhelmingly bullish with some potentially lucrative returns in store for investors. But what does the technical analysis tell us about the price potential of this innovative digital asset?

Avalanche technical analysis

Avalanche technical analysis

Now we move onto technical analysis to try and predict the future average Avalanche price prediction. This section will utilize powerful tools like the Japanese candlestick, chart patterns, and trading indicators. As well as giving traders the upper hand in day trading, they can enable us to discover long-term price predictions based on pure technicals when we assess longer time frames.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2021 – 2022

Since the beginning of 2021, the Avalanche cryptocurrency price increased by 10% from $11 to $12. It’s predicted that the forecast Avalanche price will surge an additional 22% in the second half of 2021 and it’s then expected to close the year at an average forecast Avalanche price of $14.84. A year-to-year change of +35%. in the prices.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2022 – 2023

Forecasts show that after starting the year at $14.84, it’s predicted that the average avalanche price will drop to $14.52 per coin in the first half of 2022, it’s then expected to gain $4.36 and finish the year at an average Avalanche price of $18.88, which is a +55% gain on the current prices.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2023 – 2024

Forecasts show that after starting 2023 at $256, Avalanche is expected to drop slightly to a figure of $17.94 midway through the year before going on the rise again and ending the year at an average Avalanche price of $21.17 at an overall annual increase of 74% from the current price.

Avalanche Price Prediction 2024 – 2025

Forecasts show that after starting 2024 at $21.17, Avalanche is expected to rise to $24.35 halfway through the year. The second half of 2024 is expected to see the AVAX price at the end the year at a slightly lower average Avalanche price than the first half of 2024 at $26.26. That’s an overall annual increase of 116% on the current price.


In conclusion, Forecasts show that Avalanche is a serious contender to Ethereum that offers better scalability than the original Blockchain creation. Many significant blockchain projects have seen this and subsequently switched sides to Avalanche. With its digital bridge under construction, Avalanche aims to make transitioning to its network easier than ever in the months to come.

In the first few months of 2021, Avalanche skyrocketed from around $1 to just under $60. From the latest news, market capitalization, other forecasts, expert, and technical analysis covered in this article, Avalance could be a good investment with long term earning potential and it looks possible that such a predicted price surge in the cryptocurrency market could happen again. The question is when.

Whilst many people can see the significant potential in the AVAX price prediction and mass adoption is possible, there is a significant number of people who are wondering where to invest in this innovative investment for the long term. The answer lies in a reputable and well-established broker with access to vital trading tools like eToro.

Where to buy and sell Avalanche 

Avalanche is available to buy and trade on eToro alongside 18 other cryptocurrencies. This is a well-established, highly regulated, and secure platform that has the potential to revolutionize your crypto journey. 

“Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.”

Bob Greifeld, Nasdaq Chief Executive.

What’s more, is that eToro allows you to access their incredible array of investment tools such as the Stop Loss, Take Profit, and built-in charting software that all let you maximize your potential profits whilst ensuring safe investment practices that protect your hard-earned funds. Also, eToro offers Leverage investing on Avalanche. This allows you to multiply small amounts to become large powerful positions that drive massive profits.

Overall, the financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment strategy of each person vary. Avalanche is inherently volatile and the coin price can rise or drop at a moment’s notice, this brings advantages as it does risks. Both of which are important to understand and weigh against your own investment goals and needs. Only invest money you can afford to lose and balance out the risky nature of crypto investment by building a diversified portfolio.

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Disclaimer – The data contained in this site content is for informational purposes only and this AVAX price prediction is not investment advice. The buying and selling of Avalanche and other alternative cryptocurrencies have potential rewards, and it also has potential risks involved. The trading system may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to get involved should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice and do their own research into historical data, technical analysis, and price prognosis to find out if this will be a profitable investment before deciding to buy Avalanche.

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