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A brief guide on Ethereum nodes and sharding

Sharding and nodes are vital parts of the success of the Ethereum Blockchain This guide will help you guys better understand Sharding and Ethereum Nodes They...

How to buy Bitcoins?

Process of Acquiring Bitcoins Bitcoins are the most common and popular cryptocurrency. They are relatively secure to use, and the enormous trade volume shows that...
Venezuela crypto

Venezuela Says Pre-Sale Of Petro Has Raised $735 Million On The...

The pre-sale of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency petro started yesterday according to the digital currency’s whitepaper. The government has announced that the pre-sale started and...
Did Gordon Ramsay Invest in Bitcoin? 5 Things to Know

Did Gordon Ramsay Invest in Bitcoin? 3 Things to Know

From Pope Leo XIII to Queen Victoria, the act of piggybacking on famous people to fraudulently promote a product or brand is...
Bitcoin Digital Acquires Tomocoin

Bitcoin Digital Acquires Tomocoin: What Does it Mean For You?

The idea of making passive income is a dream for many. But in 2021, many people have made it a reality through...

Venezuelan President To Issue Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency “Petro”

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, who announced last December during a Christmas television special, about issuing an oil-backed cryptocurrency “Petro” has said Venezuela in...
Squares selling Bitcoin

Square Inc. Not Stopping At Buying And Selling Bitcoin – Jack

Jack Dorsey Declared that Square Is Not Stopping At Buying And Selling Bitcoin Square ‘is not stopping at buying and selling’ bitcoin – Jack...

Brazil’s Itau Unibanco Joins Ripple’s Money-Transfer Network

Ripple Adds Five New Banks To Its Cash-Transfer Network Brazil’s Itau Unibanco to use RippleNet RippleNet does not rely on XRP Ripple: The San Francisco-based...
Coin Ethereum


Ethereum is a sophisticated form of Blockchain technology that was introduced well after the Blockchain that handles bitcoin transactions. The digital currency that is...
Bitcoin coin

What Is a Bitcoin and What Can You Do with It?

Bitcoin is currently more popular than it has ever been before, so, you must be quite eager to know more about it. Why do you...

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