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OKEx Will Roll Back Trades After Futures Plunge

OKEx which is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Hong Kong has made the decision to roll back the futures transactions. This is due...
Bitcoin Digital Acquires Tomocoin

Bitcoin Digital Acquires Tomocoin: What Does it Mean For You?

The idea of making passive income is a dream for many. But in 2021, many people have made it a reality through...

Venezuelan President To Issue Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency “Petro”

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, who announced last December during a Christmas television special, about issuing an oil-backed cryptocurrency “Petro” has said Venezuela in...
Apple crypto

Apple Sets New Rules For Cryptocurrency-Related Apps On AppStore

Apple set news rules for all crypto-related apps such as apps for crypto exchange, ICOs, and wallets. The rule also bans all crypto-related...
Crypto Exchange South Korea

10 Out Of 33 Crypto Exchanges In South Korea Opted Out...

23 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea Accepted To Self-Regulate, 10 Opted-Out South Korea intensifies its move for crypto exchange self-regulation. Only 23 out of...
Bitcoin Up Just Updated Their Trading Algorithms With Machine Learning

Bitcoin Up Just Updated Their Trading Algorithms With Machine Learning

Bitcoin Up, the well-established trading platform that connects users with trusted crypto brokers who utilize automated trading robots to potentially revolutionize their...
Bitcoin coin

What Is a Bitcoin and What Can You Do with It?

Bitcoin is currently more popular than it has ever been before, so, you must be quite eager to know more about it. Why do you...
handholding blockchain

Blockchain Technology Rebranding Old-School Companies

Demand for the blockchain technology, best known for supporting bitcoin, is providing the latest innovations, greatly increasing that it will be one of the...
History Bitcoin

A Brief History And Products Of Bitcoin Hard Forks

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Hard Forks A mysterious cryptocurrency developer, probably a group of developers, with a codename “Satoshi Nakamoto” surfaced back...

Civic Crypto Price Prediction Forecast 2021-2025

The summary of this Civic crypto price prediction tells us that the opinion of respected crypto experts and technical-based analysis combined predict...

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